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Apple Computer I'm a Mac guy & always will be most likely. My first computer (work) experience was on a old Mac SE/30, and learning it was practically a breeze. It wasn't until late 1993 that I bought my first computer for use at home, and I did the typical Mac vs. PC debate. Just about all my friends had PCs', but the Mac was sooo much easier to use & graphic oriented at the time that I decided to go with it, and never regretted it. If you still use a PC, do yourself a BIG favor by looking seriously at a Mac. The Intel Macs can run Windows if you absolutely have to use Windows applications.


Other World Computing

Other World Computing offers great values & service for all kinds of computer peripherals for the Mac computing community. Check them out!


Nikon Cameras & Lenses I started off using Canon 35mm manual focus film cameras when I first got interested in photography back in the mid 1980's. My first 35mm was a Canon AE1-Program SLR with a couple of Vivitar Series One zoom lenses which I bought at Fedco, do you remember them? It was a decent platform to start with, and I bought/traded lenses & bodies over the years ending up with a couple of A1 bodies, a T90, my original AE1-P body, and 8 or so prime and a couple of zoom lenses.
When I found the need to switch to a more advanced auto focus system (shooting live action of a friends band in low light isn't easy with manual focus), I tried the Canon AF bodies (an EOS 630, and an A2) which were current at the time. I found that I just didn't care for Canon's AF bodies due to the ergonomics (or lack thereof), which didn't suit me at all. Their consumer grade lenses seemed cheap or "plasticy", and their pro/prosumer "L" series lenses were simply out of my price range at the time.
So I decided to try Nikons' AF film camera system after a colleague of mine who had been using Nikon gear for years recommended I try them. So I bought, & fell in love with a Nikon N90S and their 35-70 f2.8 AF-D lens which was fairly priced for the excellent quality, and much better build quality than my old manual Canon outfit! Currently I'm using Nikons D700 & a D200 (infrared converted) DSLRs', with several zooms & prime lenses. Nikon makes high quality dependable bodies, and their optics are simply superb. I've switched to shooting purely digital, but admit that I do miss the smell of film, but not the chemistry that went along with it!


Nikonians Organization Here is a terrific source for information, inspiration, and knowledge regarding Nikons' products, past, present, and rumors of future products. There are multiple forums dedicated to all types & aspects of photography, as well as an Image Gallery to display your images, you can also compete with fellow Nikonian photographers in contests if you so choose. A wide range of photographers are members there. From beginners to professionals who readily offer advice, share their knowledge & experience to help each other advance their personal or professional enjoyment of photography. Annual membership is very reasonable, a true value when you consider the wealth of information this organization has to offer. A must for Nikon users!


TamronTamron Lenses offer a great lineup of value priced quality optics. I use their 90mm Macro lens which is a well reknown lens, even compared to the best Nikon macro lenses. Nikon glass is tops in quality, but sometimes it may be out of some peoples price range, in that case Tamron is definitley worthy of consideration.


The Groove Oldies Show



Visit my good friend Bens' band website - The Groove - to check their schedule so you can see & hear them play near you!
They also are available to perform at private parties, corporate events, shows, openings, contact them for more information.
They know how to bring a fun time to your event!



Ben Rushing



Also visit Ben Rushings' personal web site to learn about his musical past & inspirations, some cool pictures there too with fellow pro musicians.